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Mini OTDR & CWDM Analyzer

MOT-500 Mini OTDR series

MOT-500Mini OTDR series

MOT-500 series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an intelligent meter of a new generation for the detection of fiber communications systems. With the popularization of optical network installed in cities and countryside’s, the measurement of optical network becomes short and disperses; MOT-500 is specially designed for that kind of application. It’s economic, having outstanding performance.

MOT-500 is manufactured with patience and carefulness, following the national standards to combine the rich experience...

MOT-940 Mini OTDR series


MOT-940 Mini OTDR series

The MOT-940 Mini optical reflectometer series comes in a compact metal housing with all functions as a full OTDR and with optical light source. The reflectometer determines the distance to reflecting and non-reflecting events and measures insertion loss of optical line and attenuation loss. In addition, the MOT-940 can be fitted with an optical power meter and a visible light source. Power supplying is ensured with inbuilt rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which provides long term working time.
The MOT-940 is designed for testing single...

MOT-800 CWDM Optical Analyzer

Optical analyzer MOT-800 is designed to measure and control power at startup and during operation of CWDM networks. All 16 (18) channels meet the requirements of ITU-T G.694.2. The measurement results can be displayed as graphically and in tabular form and transferred to a computer for report preparation. High-impact dust and waterproof the unit is designed for reliable operation under field conditions. Easy to use, low cost, reliability and small size distinguish it from other devices for testing CWDM networks.