How to buy

Find you local partner

OPTOKON has an extensive distributor network comprised of OPTOKON branches, representative offices and distributors, all waiting to respond to your technical and commercial enquiries.

Each distributor is appointed on a contractual and territorial basis and closely cooperates with OPTOKON headquarters in the Czech Republic.

OPTOKON Representatives

The OPTOKON Group consists of five OPTOKON branch offices and three sales representative offices all ready to respond to any enquiries, in matters both commercial and technical.

OPTOKON Distributors

OPTOKON operates an extensive distributor network branches which enables OPTOKON products to reach into more than 45 countries globally. Each OPTOKON distributor is appointed on a contractual and territorial basis while cooperating closely with headquarters in Jihlava.

Become an OPTOKON distributor

OPTOKON is always pleased to hear from potential distributors of OPTOKON products. Successful distributors can look forward to generous product discounts, high rewards and the continued support of the OPTOKON group. For further details and to discuss matters further, please contact Magda Rychnovska on COOPERATION@OPTOKON.COM